About VSSUT Overseas Alumni Association


Have you heard stories from your friends who came back from alumni conventions of other institutes and have you ever had the longing to spend a weekend at a convention of fellow alumni may be from your cohort or your robotics team? Did you ever feel left out of a reception for a visiting former professor from UCE for lack of timely communication? Did you ever want to reach out to alumni from your college working in a specific company for a professional or business need? Did you ever want to celebrate the progress and achievements of the students and faculty of your alma mater? Do you sometimes feel like providing some support to a current effort or project at VSSUT?

Mission Statement

VSSUTOAA is established and will operate for the educational and social well-being of the alumni by providing the alumni a social and professional networking platform, and an avenue for the alumni to help the alma mater and its students. Its activities will include but not limited to the following:
    • To facilitate communication and exchange of information among its members including
    • Holding an annual convention
    • Maintaining a membership directory
    • Creating and maintaining this website for communication and exchange of ideas
    • Be a resource center in assisting talented graduates in coming to USA for higher studies
    • Financially assist graduate students and alumni family
    • Develop exchange faculty programs between VSSUTB and universities in USA
    • Promote and organize lectures at VSSUTB on topics of interest to students and faculty
    • Develop special programs as needed to benefit the students, faculty and the institute

Why Vssutoaa?

The primary goal of the organization is to provide the alumni residing in North America a social and professional networking platform, and to provide an avenue for the alumni to help the Alma Mater and its students.

Many of us who have migrated to North America over the years have gone through these thoughts. VSSUTOAA (VSSUT Overseas Alumni Association) is the result of such longing and desire to network with fellow alumni. VSSUTOAA is incorporated in the state of California as a non-profit corporation. This organization has also received a tax exemption status from IRS under section 501(C)(3). A constitution or set of by-laws have been adopted and an initial board of directors has been elected.

About the Organization

While this new organization can strive to do many things, a primary objective is to hold an annual convention to bring the alumni physically together. Despite the advances in electronic communication, there is still no substitute for the face-face interaction and bonding that a regular convention brings and gives something for the alumni to look forward to.

A key barrier in our progress is our small size. It is imperative that we include as many alumni as possible and make it a large organization to effectively fulfill its goals and objectives. The first and foremost step in this endeavor is to strive to make each and every North American alumni an active member.